Waste to Energy

In Collaboration with experts from Korea, we offer an innovative Large Scale Waste-to-Energy Incinerator
  • Incinerates residual waste to produce steam and generate electricity
  • Low temperature pyrolysis innovative technology
  • Waste bucket only once a day
  • Pollution Control System to remove Dust, Nitrogen Oxide, Acid Gas, Dioxin & Heavy Metals
  • More superior compared to Stocker type Incinerator
    • Lower installation & operating cost
    • Easy operation
    • Most efficient waste removal system
    • Combustion chamber exit temperature 950 – 1200 C
    • Dioxin concentration at 0.0001 ng/sm3
    • 30% more electricity
    • 20 years performance guarantee
Established more than 15 years, our partner is a leader in the development of air and water pollution technologies, with proven track record of successful projects implemented around the world.