Facts and Observations
  • The World is becoming increasingly polluted
  • Each person throws away average of 1 kg of waste per day
  • Each year we dump 2 billion tons of waste globally – it's a Trash crisis
  • 50 - 75% of waste can be recycled or composted but it's not achieved
  • Residual waste can be converted to energy but it is not always feasible
  • Majority of waste is dumped or buried at landfills rather than recycled
  • Landfills are overflowing with indestructible wastes like tires, plastic, diapers
  • Environmental problems with decay at landfills, that may cause air pollution, release of methane gas and ground water pollution
  • As the number of landfills increase the likelihood of leaks increase too
  • High transportation cost to gather & move waste
  • Concerns about the environmental effects of incineration releasing harmful gases like dioxin & furan
  • High fuel cost for high temperature incineration
  • No proper waste disposal at isolated areas like small islands & villages
  • No incineration system available for emergency use that can be deployed to remote areas to dispose infected animals quickly on site, e.g. bird flu



A clean, healthy & sustainable world for today & tomorrow


To improve the environment through eco-friendly solutions that complies with environmental laws and regulations

Our Technology

In collaboration with Japanese & Korean experts in solar technology and waste-to-energy incineration technologies, iECO offers eco-friendly and green solutions for the safe management of residual waste. The technologies are already proven & working in several countries and they meet the standards for safe emission in their respective countries.

Our leading product is the iECO-800, an eco-friendly burner for small scale incineration of residual waste with no smoke & no smell and very low operating cost. 3,000 units of this machine are already installed and working in Japan & other countries.

We recognize that incineration is not the long term solution to the global waste problem but presently there is no immediate solution to the waste crisis affecting almost every developing country in this world. iECO has the immediate solution for this and the technology is safe and eco-friendly.

As part of our commitment to healing the environment, we pledge to contribute part of our earnings towards environment rehabilitation projects and the education of communities for a zero waste future.

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iECO-800 Superiority of Eco-Friendly Burner

  • A mobile unit that can relocate from site to site; ideal for deployment to remote areas for emergency use
  • High temperature incineration (1250 C) – the higher the temperature the more effective the incineration, destructs hydrocarbon waste, chlorinated solvents & other difficult to incinerate wastes
  • Air continually feeds into burner via the Patented Pole to maintain high temperature
  • No smoke, no smell, no loud noise and does not require flue
  • Minimal electricity usage
  • Requires no fuel, only some recycled motor oil/kerosene/diesel
  • Burns everything except stone, steel & glass
  • Ideal for medical, toxic & infectious waste

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